Thank goodness it’s February! Now, to most Canadians, that may appear to be on odd sentence. The “TGIF” acronym is generally reserved for an appreciation of Friday – since it’s the last day of the working week. But as many business owners and managers across Canada are well aware, the settling in of the new year is a time when they can really hone in on monitoring the performances of their employees.

You see, the “silly season” is now over. We’re referring to the time of year just before the holiday season begins. During November and December each year, most companies conduct their performance reviews and their employees know it. As a result, workers are often on their best behaviour and, at times, even present themselves in curiously-overjoyed manners. Business meetings rife with unfunny jokes are filled with laughter. And why is that? Employees will find all kinds of ways to endear themselves to their supervisors during the silly season.

Why should you be glad the silly season is over? During performance review time, there is a tendency for employees to become overly nervous about their impending reviews. Instead of showing up to work each day with a natural confidence, a worker will endeavour to go the extra mile – and not always in the most productive of ways. Replacing a focus on work for an opportunity to get chummy with the higher-ups becomes commonplace.

How can the silly season lead to employee turnover? Poorly communicated performance reviews and pay increases are a chronic condition. When managers are terrible at explaining to employees how their compensation works – they either avoid the conversation completely or they botch it. Top performers will never ‘wait and see’ if things will get better.

The first quarter is the peak time for movement in the job market, savvy recruiters know this, it’s their hunting season.

At Hire Value Inc., we believe strongly in celebrating the end of the silly season. With the new year already in full swing, you now have the opportunity to better assess the genuine efforts being put in by your staff members. You also have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the fact that many other individuals are in the process of looking for work. Your hiring practices, however, must accurately assess both your company’s current talent and the talent it wishes to attract in order to generate the greatest possible success.

Our recruitment strategies are designed to get your company exactly where it intends to be. Our practical solutions for recruiting will help you to bolster your staff with talented individuals who know that the silly season is far behind them! Take your recruitment seriously! Call Hire Value Inc. at 403-978-3827.