According to studies, about three quarters of job seekers research potential employers before applying for jobs. Its not that they just want to find work – they want to work for the right companies! How does your company measure up to all the others? The answer depends on the strength of your employer brand.

What is your company culture like? How inviting is it to those looking for their next move? The ability to leave a memorable impression – one that draws people in is essential. So how can you improve your employer brand?

Showcase your company culture online.

Everyone is online. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. One of the best ways to showcase your company as a great place to be is on social media. Give job seekers an idea of what your company is like to work for.

“Take pictures around the office,” encourages Alissa Bakker of Vancouver’s BLANKSLATE Partners, “Shoot a goofy video on your phone. Collect photos from your last team or social event. Professional is less important than genuine, just avoid grainy, pixelated images and you’ll be fine.”

Ask for feedback and implement changes based on it.

How great is it to know that what you have to say makes a difference? The simple act of asking is going only half way. Making changes based on what employees want, is the real deal.

“Staff need to feel that they are free to offer their advice and feedback without reprisal,” insists Barry Chignell of CIPHR  in the U.K., “If there is no trust between workers and leaders then honest feedback won’t be forthcoming. Remember, inviting and asking for feedback is only the first step in the process: following up on the comments and suggestions from employees must be something that, as an employer, you’re seen to be doing consistently.”

Stop ghosting applicants.

If your ATS doesn’t have the function to send responses to candidates who are not moving forward in the process, then considering adding an app that will do it. There are lots to choose from. Check out ReJobify, they take the experience of being declined to a whole new level.

What’s the point? By responding to applicants who aren’t a fit for your company, you will leave lasting impressions. Growing your reputation as a respectful employer, you’ll benefit overall whenever you need to go to market for new hires.

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