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Relationship to Consumer Brand

Consumers may only interact with your brand for 0.001% of their lives
Employees understand your company from an intimate perspective

What Story Is YourEmployer Brand Telling?

Employees spend their workday immersed in your company, developing an intimate understanding from an internal perspective. This story is shared in their social media posts, their interactions with others, and their company reviews when they move on.

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The Power Of Employer Brand

You Control The Narrative Of What People Say And Think About Your Organization

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The Value of Investing In Your Employer Brand

A strong employer brand enables your organization. It demonstrates an intentional effort to showcase your culture and employment experience. Strong employer branding communicates the value your company provides to its employees to the world, reducing recruitment strains.


Change the perception of what it’s like to work at your company.


Clearly communicate how your company creates value for its employees to the world.


A strong employer brand helps differentiate your company in the labour market.

A great employer brand offers a clear and easily understood message about your organization, what you stand for, and how you create value for your employees. The Hire Value team is here to support your team in developing and implementing an employer branding strategy that allows you to control and positively change the public narrative about your company.  

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Client Success Stories

John lead us through a snappy, upbeat presentation on remote workforce management – also delivered remotely. He challenged us to change our ways of thinking and also gave us real tips & tricks that could be implemented for our very next video conference meeting. John’s 20 years of distant teaching and remote corporate training was evident through his ‘on camera’ personality. His was able to capture our attention and keep topics, along with Q&A, flowing through a punchy and valuable 40min session. John is not only a great teacher, he makes an excellent coach.

Brad Mattson

Senior VP, Corporate Development | Wolf Midstream

We’ve developed a great partnership with Hire Value. Shelley and her team’s dedication to meeting our needs goes beyond consulting. She’s a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our Recruitment team’s ability has become best-in-class within our industry since engaging with Hire Value.

Renée Rust


It has been a sincere pleasure to work with Shelley at Hire Value Inc. Shelley made the process of setting up our Indeed company pages so easy and understandable. She spent time with me, in my office, walking through the process and troubleshooting with me – not for me. Because of Shelley, I was confident enough to teach others how to edit the pages.

Shelley has a wealth of knowledge in the recruitment space. Her passion and experience, combined with her ability to easily connect with people, makes her a valuable resource for recruitment teams and leaders. Shelley takes a people-focused approach by first understanding what is going on and where challenges may occur. Because Shelley leads with her heart, her guidance and coaching comes through authentically and with the best intentions. I have learned so much from Shelley and truly admire her approach to bringing recruitment best practice to companies.

Tanya Robertson

HR Advisor, Recruitment - ATCO