As technology continues to evolve, there are some jobs ripe for automation.

On, Vadim Liberman states there are about 40 million reasons to believe AI will heavily influence the future of recruiting. Referring to the $40 million in funding a new AI platform called Paradox has recently received, Liberman reveals that AI assistants are being utilized to remove the drudgery that comes with screening resumes, scheduling interviews and managing paperwork.

Only the mundane part of recruitment should be automated.

Every job has some least enjoyable tasks, recruitment included. So why not automate the task with less value and free you up to do the fun stuff? ERE’s strategy and leadership columnist, Mary Faulkner remarks that Paradox’s AI assistant, Olivia is great for removing the common administrative burdens that come with recruiting.

“I love the idea of using Olivia for answering general questions from candidates and scheduling interviews, both of which could be helpful to both the candidate and the recruiter,” she is quoted as saying. Evidently, bots are excellent at fielding frequently asked questions. But does this mean they have the ability to replace human recruiters altogether?

AI cannot replicate human to human bonding.

There’s no chance of AI replacing human recruiters, says Samantha McLaren. In a LinkedIn article, she contends there are numerous recruiting skills AI cannot replace. Among them is the ability to build relationships with candidates. The human touch simply can’t be replicated, she believes. It should not be underestimated as an integral facet in the quest to lure new talent to a company.

“Unsurprisingly, the most AI-proof skill is the one that relies most on the human touch—building strong relationships with candidates,” writes McLaren, “It’s these relationships that leave a lasting impression on candidates—one that can make all the difference when they’re choosing between multiple offers or deciding whether to leave their current role.” Katrina Collier is right there with McLaren. The author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, she offers her expertise to recruiters who wish to develop trusting relationships with their candidates. The book contains essential guidance on how to overcome obstacles. She answers such questions as “How can I recruit without an existing online presence?” and “How can I work effectively with hiring managers to improve the candidate experience?”

AI cannot judge culture fit.

We have often championed the need to foster, grow and protect a strong company culture as essential skills in recruitment. Never underestimate the importance of employee engagement. Your current employees are your best advertisers – or your worst critics. To attract top talent into the fold, start with a focus on building and maintaining a positive environment for those who already work for you.

How can AI adequately determine if a candidate is a proper fit within your company culture? Simply put, it can’t. “Figuring out whether a candidate will fit in with your culture, or more importantly be a culture add, is a skill that requires human interaction,” insists McLaren.

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