When hiring, do you consider what you need today or 2 years from today? There is a school of thought around hiring for 2 levels above the role you are trying to fill. The wisdom in this sets a firm up for success in the long run.

This strategy ties in perfectly to engagement and by its very nature sends a clear message of ‘we are glad you are here, let’s keep moving forward’.

Promote a culture of learning.

Not every individual has aspirations to reach his/her own versions of “the top of the mountain”. As a leader, one of your most important tasks is to provide the opportunity for those who aspire to grow and to develop their skills. Motivated individuals create successful teams.

“Promote a culture of learning where every person is encouraged to continue expanding their skill sets,” advises Amit Kothari on Tallyfy.com, “This can be done by providing access to ongoing training and personal development. The expansion of online learning has made this even easier as people can learn on their own time when it best suits them. Offer access to online courses and create opportunities for team members to take on new responsibilities.”

Its about how you say it.

Keep the door open may be outdated; but the idea is timeless. The way a Leader responds to their team, is what builds the confidence and trust to know they can come to you. The idea of open dialogue means it’s a two-way street. In fact, ask anyone, they are sure to tell you the difference between a good leader and a rotten one is how they speak to you, good or bad news.

“Most workplaces are filled with barriers — from the literal, like office doors and cubicle walls, to the figurative, like different departments or job levels,” writes Tommy Mello on Forbes.com, “Team-building events bring people together and break down those barriers. When managers participate in team-building events, they start to become more integrated.”

Make team-building activities commonplace.

Fun activities bring people together. The friendly, competitive spirit in any work place can be productive without being a distraction. When you like going to go to work, sick days, attendance issues and turnover rates will dwindle.

 “When it becomes a chore or an awkward situation that your employees feel forced into, you’ll lose many of the benefits,” says Mello, “Do the research and put in the time to develop team-building events and exercises that are proven to be fun and elicit a little bit of laughter.”

Promoting growth in your workplace will inevitably help it to attract new talent. For more expert recruitment advice, please contact Hire Value Inc. today!

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