The talent your company is able to attract will only be as good as your recruitment efforts. As an employer, you cant sit back and simply assume the most talented job seekers out there are vying to work for you. It’s up to you to create a solid recruitment plan. 

One way is to ensure your company culture is up to snuff. Happy current employees are your best advertising mechanisms for attracting great people. There are also a few things you should not do when trying to recruit new talent.

Compose vague job ads.

What exactly does your available job position entail? If your job posting can’t clearly answer this question, it’s going to turn away many would-be-great-for-your-company job seekers. It’s important to be honest and accurate. As contends, a good job description includes more than just a simple list of duties. It should make clear the overall purpose of the role and identify key areas of responsibility.

“Don’t ‘oversell’ the position, either, and lead applicants to believe that it offers more opportunities than it actually does,” the website warns, “For example, don’t imply that there’s a likelihood of quick promotion if there isn’t. If you do, your ambitious new recruit may feel let down and leave.”

Simply wait for candidates to apply.

Without putting your best foot forward, you wont attract top talent. It’s possible a few skilful individuals may apply to your job posting, but it’s up to you to seek out the type of talent you want working for your company. Don’t just post your available position on job sites, industry employment boards and your social media pages – take things a step further.

“You can search for promising profiles on LinkedIn and find top performers working for your competitors, suppliers and even your customers,” says the Business Development Bank of Canada, “You can also encourage your existing employees to refer candidates by offering them a bonus if someone is hired and still with the company after six months.”

Avoid considering current employees for the role.

Earlier, we touched upon the importance of company culture and the need to keep current employees happy. This doesn’t just help your efforts in recruiting new talent, it also helps you develop your workforce from within. Having members of your team want to excel in your company is a great way to grow your business in a cost-effective manner. Don’t neglect those who are already committed to the success of your brand.

“It can make economic sense to fill roles internally, as it cuts the costs and time associated with advertising for external candidates,” affirms, “Also, an existing staff member will be familiar with your organization’s processes, values and mission. Chances are, he/she would get “up to speed” in a new role more quickly than an outsider would.”

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