If your job ad reads like a copy and paste job of a job description, it’s not going to attract top talent. Be mindful about the fact job seekers go through a myriad of job postings each day. If yours doesn’t stand out from the rest, it won’t inspire quality candidates to apply. 

It’s time to stop posting dry, boring job descriptions! But how do you do it?

Avoid those all-too-common cliche phrases.

We can’t tell you how eye roll-inspiring it is to read a job ad containing such overused terms as “team player” and “self starter”. After a while, each ad just bleeds into the next one and comes off as “the same old thing”. The key to attracting top talent is to make your job posting truly unique. As Valerie Berrios insists on MediaBistro.com, you want to entice candidates to apply, not blend into the background!

“Take a look at job listings from other companies and count how many times you see overused words and phrases like ‘detail-oriented,’ ‘multi-tasker,’ or ‘self-motivated,’” she challenges, “Too many times! Certainly, most positions require these traits. But when your description sounds just like everyone else’s, your candidates’ eyes simply glaze over. They move on to the next posting, in search of something that really grabs their attention.”

Offer up a unique story about your company.

Consider the amount of effort you put into your appearance before you go out on a first date with someone. Your shower is probably a little longer. Your grooming is likely more meticulous. Looking your best makes you feel your best, doesn’t it? Your job description deserves the same amount of special attention. In order for it to read like it’s something special, you should detail a story about your company.

“Job descriptions should shine a light on your own, unique blend of company culture and employer brand,” writes Davide Donghi on ThriveGlobal.com, “What makes you different to competitors, why should a candidate apply to your ‘Marketing’ role not someone else’s. Eye tracking research shows that candidates really care about this — roughly 30% of their time browsing job descriptions is spent reading about the company itself.”

Omit buzzwords.

It’s important for your job descriptions to be comprised of language that welcomes all candidates to apply to your company. Avoiding terms like “rock star”, “ninja” or “guru”, for example, will help you to attract both men and women to apply, as opposed to potentially alienating the latter. However, you’ll also want to avoid tacky buzzwords in your job descriptions. In other words, say “no” to industry jargon!

Berrios advises employers to “watch out for industry jargon like ‘conceptualize,’ ‘implement’ and ‘results driven.’ Even if you work at a creative, exciting business, these verbs can make it sound like a corporate snoozefest.”

Let’s work together to help you avoid posting dry, boring job descriptions. At Hire Value Inc., we create job ads to inspire people to apply. Contact us today and learn more about our Recruitment Expertise!

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