If you follow Hire Value Inc. on Twitter, you will have noticed one of our most recent tweets declares “organizations that invest in employer branding are three times more likely to make a quality hire”. The same holds true for companies who continue to invest in creative advertising; looking to attract new customers, why would your employer brand be any different?

Are you properly investing in employer branding? Here are three important reasons why you should:

Give your company a shot at Top Talent.

Especially at a time like now, when the vast majority of people are self-isolating, having a strong online presence is integral to a company’s reputation. Managing your online reputation means a better chance you control the messaging and positive view of your brand. Job seekers look for this. Between company reviews and social media posts, the sentiments shared about your company go a long way in attracting top talent.

“As technology takes over the world slowly, companies are turning to social media to boost their employer brand,” reports TalentAdore.com, “By having a strong online presence, it shows that your company is kept up to date and constantly tries to improve itself. Ranging from Instagram to Twitter to the company’s website, the public will be observing the company’s online presence and studying their values and culture.”

Top talent will abandon the application process for companies with bad reviews.

In today’s world, word spreads fast. And just as quickly as good news about your brand can spread, bad news can find its way to candidates. In fact, considering online commenting are widely used to publicly voice complaints, bad news spreads quicker than good. Randstad.com offers up some statistics from a LinkedIn study supporting the belief a bad reputation makes recruitment efforts more difficult.

According to the research, says the site, “nearly half of professionals surveyed would rule out joining any organization that exhibited one of three bad traits: low job security, dysfunctional teams and poor management. Only 28% would do so if they were offered a 10% premium over competing jobs. With a strong employer brand, you’ll have access to more candidates willing to consider joining your business.”

Employee engagement, keeping the great talent you have.

A strong company culture is the key to growing and keeping great people. You need people working for you who LIKE working for you. As TalentAdore.com affirms, having enthusiastic employees is an important factor in the growth of any company.

“When your existing employees can talk passionately about their work, they will put in more effort into their work as well,” insists the website, “Employees should be able to converse about the line of business for which they are working…When your employees talk positively about your company, it will generate the interest of the public as they wonder what it is like to be working for your company.”

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