When you’re ready to recruit new talent to your company, it’s not all that bad an idea to approach the process in much the same way you would acquire a new customer. When attempting to locate a new customer, put your best foot forward, right? You wouldn’t simply rest on their laurels in hopes the ideal client will find you. 

As a recruiter, it’s your job to try to impress your would-be employees. It’s a two-way relationship requiring effort on both ends. The effort, by the way, starts with you. Writing a compelling job ad insists upon you to putting some effort into this.

Here are three total fails in job ads:

1. Using the company name multiple times.

The overuse of your company name suggests an inability to recall simple information in your reader. Don’t assume candidates are incapable of remembering which company they’re applying to. As Workable.com puts it, talking to candidates like you are talking to moody teenagers is a major recruiting fail.

“We may all get condescending sometimes without meaning to,” the website admits, “So, if you’re tempted to say to a candidate, ‘We trust you’ll work hard’, or ‘Be passionate or don’t bother applying’, think twice.”

2. Multiple lines starting with “YOU will” or “YOU must”.

A strong job ad doesn’t read like a list of demands. If a job seeker feels you’re simply rattling off responsibilities instead of trying to paint a pleasant picture of your workplace, he/she isn’t likely to want to apply. Simply writing a list comprised of “YOU will report to (so and so)” or “YOU must ensure the cleanliness of your work area” is the equivalent of shaking your finger at someone, not unlike your Grade 1 teacher did if you misbehaved.

PrevueHR.com stresses the fact that one of the top reasons job ads fail is because they aren’t appealing reads. “Job seekers usually also ignore ads that contain irrelevant information, ‘loud’ techniques to draw attention or grammar and spelling mistakes,” the site reads, “Many job seekers have difficulty quickly scanning ads that mix text formats, such as bold, italics and underlining, or different font styles.”

3. Just posting the job description.

It’s important for us to reiterate the need to communicate why someone would want to work for you. When you write a job posting, you need to put some heart into it. Remember – you want employees as much as job seekers want great work. Simply posting a job description without offering any details about your culture is setting your recruitment efforts up for failure. There is a distinct difference between advertising the opportunity and slapping up a dusty job description.

It’s important to include pertinent details about everything related to the position. According to PrevueHR.com, “many job advertisers don’t provide locations in their ads, even when positions involve ‘at-home’ work, or they fail to advise applicants of related requirements like partial telecommuting or travel. Yet, these details are what members of your target audience are looking for when making decisions.”

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