All Team Members

CEO & Founder

Shelley Billinghurst

With over 25 years of specializing in recruitment, Shelley brings an expert level understanding of the provincial, national and global labour market.


Adam Amos

Bringing over 18 years of hard earning success through multiple economic cycles and to every extreme. Adam brings expertise from managing in times of high growth through to the reality of making difficult decisions in lean times.


John Howie

With over 30 years focused on improving competencies and cultures, John is adept at uncovering needs, identifying performance gaps, and building programs that improve the lives of employees.


Tania Jamault

Over the past 10 years, Tania’s professional career has touched many industries and functions including talent acquisition, business development, and communications

Virtual Assistant

Carrie Bullee

Carrie Bullee is the founder and CEO of Virtual Assistant Plus. She virtually serves the world by using her extensive administration experience to support small business owners with all the tasks they don’t enjoy, don’t have time for, or aren’t producing income.

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