Our Team is Passionate

Helping you to find right people to create positive impact on your organization by providing the experience, expertise and tools to create measurable results without the traditionally steep costs.

Our Vision

Solutions for Every Problem


The employee experience has changed, attracting the right people to your team is a complex and ever-changing process. Our team of recruitment experts help to find and implement technology solutions that give your organization the competitive edge in a candidate’s market.

Employer Brand

Employees spend their workday immersed in your company, developing an intimate understanding from an internal perspective. This story is shared in their social media posts, their interactions with others, and their company reviews when they move on.


Perfect candidates do exist and we specialize in helping you create recruitment campaigns that get results. We draw on a wealth of experience to help staff one or one hundred with the sense of urgency you need. Combining a deep understanding of candidate behaviour with the best of HR tech solutions from our specialized partners provides you with a peace of mind on every project.

Our Value Pillars


Your team’s needs are unique, that’s why we deliver built-for-purpose solutions for recruiting.


We leverage social media and the newest trends in HR Tech to develop campaigns & create programs with measurable results


Candidates don’t wait, and neither do we. Our core objective is helping your team win the race to find, attract and retain the best people.


Innovation comes from experience, combined with creative thinking and a healthy respect for current best practices.

People are your most valuable and complex asset.

Learn how recruitment marketing can help your organization attract the right people at the right time.

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Client Success Stories

John lead us through a snappy, upbeat presentation on remote workforce management – also delivered remotely. He challenged us to change our ways of thinking and also gave us real tips & tricks that could be implemented for our very next video conference meeting. John’s 20 years of distant teaching and remote corporate training was evident through his ‘on camera’ personality. His was able to capture our attention and keep topics, along with Q&A, flowing through a punchy and valuable 40min session. John is not only a great teacher, he makes an excellent coach.

Brad Mattson

Senior VP, Corporate Development | Wolf Midstream

We’ve developed a great partnership with Hire Value. Shelley and her team’s dedication to meeting our needs goes beyond consulting. She’s a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our Recruitment team’s ability has become best-in-class within our industry since engaging with Hire Value.

Renée Rust


It has been a sincere pleasure to work with Shelley at Hire Value Inc. Shelley made the process of setting up our Indeed company pages so easy and understandable. She spent time with me, in my office, walking through the process and troubleshooting with me – not for me. Because of Shelley, I was confident enough to teach others how to edit the pages.

Shelley has a wealth of knowledge in the recruitment space. Her passion and experience, combined with her ability to easily connect with people, makes her a valuable resource for recruitment teams and leaders. Shelley takes a people-focused approach by first understanding what is going on and where challenges may occur. Because Shelley leads with her heart, her guidance and coaching comes through authentically and with the best intentions. I have learned so much from Shelley and truly admire her approach to bringing recruitment best practice to companies.

Tanya Robertson

HR Advisor, Recruitment - ATCO

“Shelley and her team bring a rare combination of deep expertise in all things HR with the cheerful ability to deliver, brilliantly. I have recommended HireValue to clients in the past and I am pleased to continue to do so. Their experience, and mine, has been uniformly excellent!”

Phil Doublet

Principal Consultant/Business Coach - Doublet Management Consulting Ltd.

Meet Our Team

With over 25 years of specializing in recruitment, Shelley brings an expert level understanding of the provincial, national and global labour market.


Adam Amos

Bringing over 18 years of hard earning success through multiple economic cycles and to every extreme. Adam brings expertise from managing in times of high growth through to the reality of making difficult decisions in lean times.

Director of Operations

Leah Sobering

Leah’s business acumen and wealth of experience in recruitment marketing, DEI and digital advertising is not only a testament to her own achievements but also a pace setter of growth and progress for Hire Value Inc.

Virtual Assistant

Carrie Bullee

Carrie Bullee is the founder and CEO of Virtual Assistant Plus. She virtually serves the world by using her extensive administration experience to support small business owners with all the tasks they don’t enjoy, don’t have time for, or aren’t producing income.

Customer Success Specialist

Melissa Sokol

Bringing a BSc Management, Melissa radiates positive energy and finds immense joy in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. With an eagle eye for details and a heart full of enthusiasm, she is dedicated to creating a delightful experience, one happy customer at a time.

Customer Success SPECIALIST

Jordan Wilsher

Jordan moved to Canada in 2022 from the UK.  With a background in Research for Business & Technology and Customer Service she is passionate about learning. Her focus on the Hire Value team is Customer Success!

Mission & Vision


Empowering your team to embrace the pace of change while creating positive results by focusing on the candidate experience.


Changing jobs is a life-altering event. The day we overlook how it feels to be a candidate, is the day we find work in another profession.

At Hire Value, our passion is helping others move forward. We believe in surrounding yourself with complementary strengths, appreciating and never underestimating what a committed group of people can accomplish.

Our Why

I owe so much to Peter & Leslie Meingast; they took a chance on me. It was 1994 and I was the candidate who didn’t fit the ideal profile; yet, wouldn’t accept no as the final answer.

In my first few weeks on the job I knew I’d found my life’s work. I learned to fearlessly take that first step, even in face of uncertainty; to be impatient with inaction; know the goal and just GO!

Even in the 1990s, I knew technology would change HR. When LinkedIn hit the market, I sensed it was the beginning of a huge shift. HR Tech is my passion. The game-changing technologies are easy to spot and easy to implement; so, our focus will always bring HR, Recruitment & Tech together.

Roll the clock forward to today; I have read well over 100,000 resumes, interviewed well over 10,000 people and been directly involved in hiring over 3,800 people. And I never tire of hearing about people’s careers, learning about what companies do and understanding what’s important to them.

There are lots of other jobs we could do but none as rewarding as this.

CEO & Founder

Knowledge & Insights

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