There’s nothing quite like the face-to-face interview. It doesn’t matter how far along we’ve come in the world of technology, nothing – absolutely nothing – can replace the authentic connections that are made when two people meet in person. Yes, it’s true that technology has afforded us some remarkable ways to communicate with people clear across the world. Less than a decade ago, it was hard to imagine being able to FaceTime with someone on the other side of the planet.

Yes, times have changed! But one thing has remained constant. Having an in-person discussion is, without question, the best way to get to know someone. Actual human contact that enables an individual to truly assess another based on verbal responses, eye contact and body language – that’s how you get to know someone!

So why is it that so many businesses are conducting video interviews?

Who exactly came up with this idea? The way we see it, the idea to interview job candidates via one way video must have been developed by someone in HR who simply hate the process of recruiting. Even worse when they get the Hiring Manager to record the intro with no coaching or support. It’s cringe worthy to watch.

It’s important to remember – and this can’t be stressed enough – that, as an employer, you are being assessed during a an interview as well. Sure, you may be the one asking most of the questions. But, it’s of vital importance that you realize your candidates have options. They too are determining whether or not your company is a good fit for them. Having someone speak to you through a screen is ideal for YouTubers, but isn’t exactly the way to make the best impression.

Why are job candidates so unimpressed with video interviews?

At the end of the day, they realize that they’re talking to a screen. Yes, they’re aware that a real person will watch the video. But you’re not entirely “real” to them. They can’t shake your hand and make eye contact or develop an actual rapport. Candidates can feel like they’re on some sort of display – literally up on a screen in an office at a remote location being made to perform. Picturing someone putting your video reply in slow motion, reverse, fast forward – analyzing the number of times you blink. It’s not exactly comforting.

Research shows that video interviews aren’t effective.

A study from the Hamilton, Ontario’s DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University revealed that job applicants who interview through video can come off as less likable. As well, employers who conduct video interviews appear less competent. As reported by Chad Brooks on, video interviews aren’t paying off for either job candidates or employers.

Willi Wiesner is one of the study’s authors. “Video interviewing places technological barriers between applicants and interviewers,” he is quoted as saying in Brooks’ report, “Employers and applicants should work to reduce the barriers that arise through video interviewing and improve the interpersonal aspects of the interview process.”

If you’re looking to secure top talent (and which employer isn’t?), there are far better ways of going about it than conducting video interviews. Here’s an idea: meet your candidates in person!

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