For employers all over Canada, it’s a very interesting time of year. With the summer having recently started, there are many new graduates who are on the hunt for career opportunities. Fresh out of school, these enthusiastic individuals often provide some of the most hard-working new additions to any workforce. But, with so many options to choose from, what would make a new grad choose one job over another?

The recruiter.

As a hiring manager, it’s incredibly important that you not underestimate your role in adding talent to your workforce. In many cases, new graduates determine their opinions about the companies they apply to for jobs based on the recruiters in charge of hiring. On, Riia O’Donnell confirms this by revealing the findings of a recently-released Yello Recruiting Study.

The study of over 700 students found that 70 percent of soon-to-be and recent college graduates say that a recruiter was the reason they decided to accept one job over another. O’Donnell highlights the fact that young job seekers place a lot of importance of the job hunting experience. They likely see the hiring process as an indication of what it would be like to work for the company.

“With a negative reaction to working with a recruiter cited by 1 in 5 respondents, it’s clear that candidate experience is a priority for new grads entering the workforce,” writes O’Donnell, “As employers more heavily depend on technology to screen applicants, personalizing the experience for job seekers is critical. Even something as simple as personal messages during the process can go a long way in keeping applicants interested.”

Job security.

New grads want stability. Evidently, they recognize that career paths change more frequently these days than they did in the past. To some degree, they’re looking to alter the statistics. Citing a 2012 survey, Gautam Godhwani of HuffPostnotes that recent graduates tend to look for places of work where they can stay and grow as professionals.


“When asked how long they expected to stay at their first job, 41 percent of students surveyed planned to stay with their employers for at least a year, and another 38 percent aimed to stay two or more years,” he reveals, “Another 17 percent would like to stay at their first employer for five+ years! Most recent grads are looking for a place to develop their skills and invest some serous time, so they need to be sure potential employers offer mentoring and advancement opportunities.”

Company culture.

Long-term growth opportunities and job security go hand in hand for most new college graduates. This is why it’s so important to focus on your company’s culture when recruiting new hires. Do your candidates appear to be people who would fit well within your working environment? Do you feel confident they’ll get along with your current employees?

By ensuring your fresh-out-of-school job seekers an enjoyable job searching experiences, you will help to encourage them to join your company. Liking a recruiter, feeling that job security is available and meshing well within a company’s culture are three of the biggest reasons new grads choose one job over another.

They aren’t the only reasons, of course. Let’s discuss them further! Give the recruiting experts at Hire Value Inc. a call at 403-978-3827 today!