Even though we’re still in February, it’s certainly not too early to begin thinking about your hiring practices for the summer. Before you know it, the warm weather will be here (most of us can’t wait!) and school will be out until September. During those months off from school, students everywhere will be looking for work. Believe it or not, many of them can make great excellent additions to your small business’ staff!

You can actually learn quite a lot from students.

Yes, naturally you’ll be in a position to do a lot of teaching yourself once you’ve added some young talent to the fold for the summer. However, keep in mind that our younger generation is adept in ways many of us have never been. Take the recent advancements in technology, for example. Learning about them from your student-based summer employees can work wonders for your business.

“Students can bring several benefits to your business, including a fresh perspective and technological savvy,” says Mahyar Hansotia of The Globe and Mail, “As they are new to your way of doing things, they may have insights or new techniques that could transform some of your processes…Students are generally also much more adept with computers and learning new software. They may even show you program features you didn’t know were possible that could help increase efficiency.”

Students make excellent “extra hands on deck”.

For many small businesses, the summertime can be a very busy time of year. Because so many young people are out of school, there are many more consumers out there ready to spend their money. Chances are that you’ll need some extra hands on deck. Young, enthusiastic, ready-to-learn individuals fresh out of the classroom make the greatest new hires for jobs that your current staff members could use a little help with.

According to the National Trust for Canada, helping your busy team to accomplish its goals is one of the top benefits of hiring a summer student. “There is always that project that we say we would accomplish ‘if only we had another set of hands’,” they comment on their website, “Well, here is your extra set of hands! Get that project off the books and into action.”

Young hires are great investments for your company’s future.

They go on to mention that hiring summer students is a worthwhile investment for a small company’s future. With the growth of skills and knowledge attained from summer jobs at your business, your summer hires will be more likely to return at the conclusion of their academic careers. Some may end up being huge factors in the growth of your brand! “Smart employers who invest in training students can snap up the best new talent once they’ve completed their studies!” the National Trust for Canada reminds us.

Hansotia agrees. But he reminds employers to adequately prepare before they begin hiring students for summer positions. Having a plan in place to properly train young hires will put them in better positions to be productive staff members. “Be patient and have the right processes in place to help them ramp up as quickly as possible,” Hansotia advises.

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