Part of any strong recruitment strategy is the all-important phone interview. Never let it be lost on you that you want to add pleasant personalities to your team of employees just as much as you want to hire experienced and talented individuals. This is what makes the phone interview part of the hiring process so valuable. Phone interviews help you to learn quite a bit about the person – not necessarily the worker – that you’re considering hiring.

So what should you really be looking for during a phone interview?

Examples of the ability to pay attention to detail.

In past blogs, we’ve highlighted the importance for job candidates to ensure their cover letters and resumes are free of spelling and grammatical errors. It shows that they are thorough and place a great deal of importance on the impressions they’re making on their would-be employers. The phone interview provides a job seeker with similar opportunities. Candidates should not only be ready to answer questions but be prepared to have uninterrupted conversations.

On, Judith A. Stock insists that phone interviewees take measures to avoid such background noise as barking dogs, crying children and blaring car horns. “Get everyone out of the house, or make sure to have an isolated room where you can lock the door,” she advises job seekers, “If possible, use a landline (or) make sure that your cell phone is fully charged and that you take the call in a place where your reception is at its best.”

Preparedness and proof of homework being done.

Admit it. You’re impressed when a job candidate has done his/her homework. Not only is it a compliment to your brand when a person wishing to work for it knows all about it, but it shows that person’s true commitment to wanting to fill the position you have available. Look for signs that your job candidate is particularly interested in working for your organization over just thinking about your company as one of many options.

On, Peter Vogt strongly advises job candidates not to “phone it in” during their phone interviews, but instead to prepare for them just as they would in-person interviews. “Don’t get caught with your guard down,” he warns, “Be sure to research the company, study the job description, and practice your responses to anticipated questions, just as you would for any other interview.”

An upbeat, positive attitude.

It goes right back to wanting to locate an ideal fit to mesh well within your company culture. Experience and talent count for a lot. But if you introduce a personality to your current team and it disrupts the dynamic in your office, you’ve done your company a disservice. Look for individuals who show a lot of enthusiasm.

Cynthia Measom provides this advice to job seekers on “Project enthusiasm in your voice to let the interviewer know you are appreciative of his consideration of you and excited about the possibility of receiving the job,” she advises.

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