In last week’s blog, we specified a number of reasons that new grads choose one employer over the other. Naturally, it’s important for hiring managers to impress their young fresh-out-of-school candidates to encourage acceptances of job offers from their companies. Of course, hiring managers aren’t the only ones who need to do some impressing. The onus is on new grads looking for work to tick off the various requirements on the wish lists of hiring managers.

Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

#1. Works well with others.

We’ve posted numerous blogs highlighting the extreme importance of fostering company culture. When hiring managers hire different people who mesh well together, it provides immeasurable benefits for their companies. Your ability to work well with others is a huge asset to any organization. As David Bortz points out on, being a member of the workforce isn’t the same as being a student – your success depends on the work you’re able to accomplish with others.

“No surprise that 82.9% of hiring managers want to know you can work well with lots of different personalities,” he writes, referring to the findings of the Job Outlook 2018study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, “You’ll need to learn how to delegate, take direction, value differences of opinion, and play to your and your co-workers’ strengths and weaknesses”

#2. Real world experience.

Many new grads receive quite a shock when they attempt to enter the world of work only to realize their academic achievements seem to count for less than their actual job experiences. This is why so many students volunteer at places of work relevant to their fields of study. Employers want to know you have some hands-on experience with the tasks you’ll be given if you were to join their companies.

According to data from global job search engine, Adzuna, real world experience is at the top of their ten requirements employers look for in their new hires. Noting that “college graduates of all levels will enter a job market with ample openings across a variety of industries”, Liz Robinson poses one of the most pressing questions on the minds of hiring managers: “Do (new grads) have experience working in the industry or any skills they have gained that can translate to the job?”

#3. Leadership qualities.

Contrary to what many may believe, hiring managers aren’t exactly looking for individuals who are good at taking orders. They want people who exhibit great leadership skills. Generally, those who take initiative and have “go get ‘em” attitudes are those who genuinely care about the success of the company overall – not just their own personal goals. People who are looking to move up in the companies they work for are generally highly sought after.

“It’s a tall order: 72.6% of hiring managers want potential hires with great leadership skills,” Bortz says of the Job Outlook 2018findings, “If you held a leadership role in college (e.g., president of the French club), highlight it on your resume. If you emerged as the informal leader on a group project, talk about the experience during the job interview. Also, get letters of recommendation former internship managers that speak to your leadership skills.”

As you may have guessed, we have only listed three from a long list of requirements on a hiring manager’s wish list for new grads. Discover more of them by giving Hire Value Inc. a call at 403-978-3827 today!