Perhaps, it’s safe to say your business provides an excellent place to work. It’s complete with friendly co-workers, a relaxing environment and handsome salaries. Who wouldn’t want to work there, right? Well, here’s something important to keep in mind: Many companies can make the same claims. Today’s job seekers look for more from their potential employers. They expect a number of attractive benefits and perks to go along with their jobs.

In fact, a 2015 Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey found that 60 percent of its respondents strongly consider the perks and benefits offered by companies before accepting job offers. As reported on their website by Marielle Leon, “80% of employees prefer additional benefits over a pay increase. Studies show that a competitive benefits package can significantly help in employee acquisition and retention.”

 But what benefits or perks are considered the most attractive?

According to a Harvard Business Review study of 2,000 American workers, the benefits and perks that top the list are health, dental and vision insurance, more flexible hours, more vacation time and work-from-home options. A whopping 88 percent of respondents to the Harvard Business Review survey say health insurance is a top benefit of working for a company.

Employers who help employees feel secure by offering health insurance will benefit by attracting more and better candidates,” they note on their website, “Employees carefully consider health insurance that helps them cover themselves and members of their immediate family.”

Interestingly, the tastes of Canadian employees are a little different.

Considering the health care system we have in Canada, health insurance perks are a little lower on the totem pole. This isn’t to say Canadian workers don’t value health insurance. They do, however, enjoy benefit and perks that are a little more unique in nature.

“There was a time when good health and retirement plans were enough for companies to attract employees,” writes Doug Murray on, “Those days are gone forever. Canada’s top employers understand that to recruit – and keep – the best talent, they need to offer something special.” Among the best perks enjoyed by Canadian workers, according to Murray, are free meals, fitness classes, nap rooms, onsite childcare facilities, pet areas, paid tuitions and paid-for vacations.

Canadians greatly value unique benefits and perks.

The Conference Board of Canada explains that unique benefits and perks are considered highly valuable by Canadian job seekers. There is the notion that health insurances and vacation time are practically expected benefits of any job. However, as noted on the Conference Board of Canada website, many Canadian organizations supplement their traditional rewards packages with additional perks aiming to add considerable value for their employees.

“Perquisite offerings are becoming increasingly unique and visible, and many organizations are implementing these offerings to keep and attract talent,” they write, “The most common perks employers provide include professional membership reimbursement, mobile phones, and employee parking.”

It would definitely benefit your organization to offer its employees attractive benefits and perks to help it stand out from all other businesses. For expert advice on how to devise your list of benefits, please don’t hesitate to give Hire Value Inc. a call at 403-978-3827 today!