Over the course of the past couple of years, the Hire Value Inc. blog has doled out a lot of recruitment tips. Readers of our blog are undoubtedly aware our most highly-pushed tip is the one promoting the need to grow and develop your company culture. In other words, ensuring your candidates are right fits within the current make up of your employee base is of paramount importance.

No matter the skill level of the candidates you may be interviewing, it’s imperative you hire individuals who are as talented and skillful as they are fun to work with and motivated to work on a team. Strengthening your company culture also comes by way of treating your current employees excellently. It’s your present team members who make the best promoters of your brand. If they’re happy, you’ll find many others looking to join the fold.

How do you make your employees happy? Treat them well, pay them fairly and train them effectively.

What does it really mean to treat your employees well?

Treating employees well simply means they have comfortable and efficient work spaces and are equipped with the appropriate tools with which they can do their jobs. It also means they have managers and supervisors who truly care about the work, the customers and the employees. According to Singapore’s Success Resources, it also means treating your employees with the type of respect that connotes they may be better than you some day.

“You can learn from every one of them in the time they have with you,” reads their website, “Treat every employee as your teacher. Even if they’re criticising you. Before you get defensive, take a step back and ask, ‘Is there some truth to what they are saying? Why are they saying it?’ If someone has the courage to speak up, it means it matters enough for them to say something about it.”

How do you know you’re paying your employees fairly?

Paying employees fairly simply means there is value in the work being done and no one feels like they are being taken advantage of. Salary information is at everyone’s finger tips so people know what is considered to be fair value for their work.

“Determining a fair salary isn’t an easy task,” says the Business Development Bank of Canada, “You need to look at such factors as job requirements, pay standards in your industry, the size of your company and your geographic location. Benchmark against other companies using these criteria.”

What does effective training entail?

Effective training ensures that your employees know what to do, when to do it or have it done by and how to get the work done. It also involves managers and trainers who are reasonable in their expectations. In other words, new hires shouldn’t be expected to perform at the efficiency and skill levels as employees who have been working for the company for two years or more.

“Before you can make an employee training program, you must first determine what you want employees to learn,” informs Mike Kappel on Forbes.com, “Otherwise, you might waste everyone’s time with useless information and unstructured training…Structure the training program so it begins with the simplest, foundational information. Then, lead up to more advanced training. The skills and knowledge should build upon the previous training.”

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