All too often, employers forget that job interviews are two-way streets. They lose themselves in thinking that their candidates are the only people in the rooms who are being assessed. It’s important to never forget, as a hiring manager, you represent your brand – and your brand is being critically scrutinized by every individual who has applied for a job at your business. Remember you only have one chance to make a good first impression!

How can you ensure you’re making the best impressions possible during your hiring process?

Have someone ready to greet your candidates upon arrival.

Preparedness is everything. It connotes professionalism and a seriousness taken towards the process of locating the best talent for the available roles in your company. Be sure to have someone ready to greet each of your candidates when they arrive for their interviews. Having a haphazard approach to directing your potential new hires to the locations of their interviews may leave a bad taste in their mouth.

“First impressions count, so make sure that your front of house (receptionist, secretary etc.) is fully briefed regarding the arrangements for the interviews,” advises, “There is no better way of creating an initial bad impression for candidates…and demonstrating an uncommunicative organisation than the first person they encounter not knowing who they are or why they are there.”

Clearly define the role you’re hiring for.

The most talented of job seekers aren’t going to be satisfied with landing positions that just help them to make ends meet. And you shouldn’t be looking for such individuals anyway. The best available talent is made up of people who deeply care about their roles within their newfound companies. Clearly identifying exactly what you’re looking for from your potential hires is a great way to ensure they have good vibes about working for you.

“Research shows the first thing 69% of job seekers want to know when hearing about a new position is the responsibilities of the role, and that 59% join because of the scope for development and advancement,” informs Mervyn Dinnen on the LinkedIn talent blog, “This is where the recruiter should work with the hiring manager to establish why the vacancy has been created and how it will fit in with the overall company mission and values.”

Have your interview questions well prepared.

As mentioned earlier, being prepared counts for a lot. It shows that you’ve put great effort into securing the absolute perfect fit for your job position. Candidates who feel like their interviewers are flying by the seats of their pants aren’t bound to be all that impressed. Remember that you are being assessed by your interviewees just as you are assessing them. Make sure you have a set list of questions that you expect to receive clear answers to.

“According to research, 83% of candidates say a negative interview experience can change their mind over a company or role they had once been interested in, while 87% say a positive experience can make them reconsider a role they had doubted,” says Dinnen, “Generic questions, particularly those showing that the interviewer is not fully prepared, or doesn’t know much about the interviewee, are a major contributor to a negative experience.”

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