Consider the following scenario. Let’s suppose you’re in the market from some new wheels. You see an engaging television commercial about a great looking car that gives you the impression it might just be the one for you. However, when discussing your potential buy with a friend, he mentions to you that he test drove the car and really didn’t like it. Your friend, who knows a thing or two about cars, recommends a totally different vehicle.

How impactful would your friend’s recommendation be? In most scenarios, people would end up taking the advice of their buddies. Word of mouth promotion is incredibly powerful. It is known to influence the buying decisions of consumers a lot more than traditional advertising. So why not utilize this method of marketing when it comes to your recruitment efforts?

Word of mouth recruitment has many benefits.

Getting your employees to let others know about your available positions is one of the best ways to recruit top talent. Firstly, it minimizes your company’s costs for the entire process. Secondly, as mentioned, word of mouth promotion is extremely effective at convincing people of a company’s greatness. Thirdly, as Sanjay Sathe writes on, internal referrals benefit both sides.

“Candidates recruited via personal referral start with a better base of knowledge about the position, the company, and its culture because of their connection to the referring employee,” he affirms, “They are usually faster at getting up to the required standard of performance. Research suggests that employees who perform well are likely to recommend potential recruits who are also likely to develop into good performers.”

A strong company culture is integral to a strong recruitment campaign.

Trusting your employees to be your company’s best advertisers speaks to the extreme importance of having a strong company culture. When your staff members enjoy working for you, it truly pays dividends. It’s well known that happy employees are productive employees. So when people show up for work each day – happy to be there – you’re bound to receive greater output from your team.

So when it comes to recruiting new talent, a strong company culture is everything. Your happy employees help to shine your business in a light more positive than any job posting could ever attempt.

They have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to work at your company. They can speak to such things as the energy in the working environment and even the joys associated with the perks available from your organization. “Sometimes the boss springs for catered lunches!” isn’t a statement likely to be found on any job posting.

 Word of mouth recruitment can help with diversity.

Are you looking to diversify your staff? Getting your employees to help with your recruitment efforts can certainly help with that! As reported by Jerene Ang on, “a study in the journal Organization Science by researchers at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management and the MIT Sloan School of Management found that, contrary to the popular belief that word-of-mouth recruitment causes gender segregation, it can actually help increase diversity.”

She goes on to note that while it is true that men tend to refer more men and women tend to refer more women, the difference between the referral rates plays a crucial part in which group is likely to dominate over time.

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