As we’ve highlighted in many of our past blogs, one of the top ways to attract new talent to your place of business is to ensure its current employees are happy. Word spreads fast. And when the members of your team are proud of the organization they work for, they’re usually only too happy to let others know about it. The same can be said about disgruntled employees. Therefore, one this is clear: working to boost employee morale should be a top priority.

Believe it or not, employee satisfaction is often born out of creating and adhering to specific policies and procedures. By having them in place, it communicates that your business takes the safety of its employees seriously. Furthermore, it connotes that your business is a reputable place to work, worthy of respect from industry contemporaries and adoration from consumers.

By implementing policies, you create a safer workplace.

It doesn’t matter how cliché the term “safety first” may be, it will always be of paramount importance in any workplace. Not only should your company policy clearly outline what is expected of its workers to ensure a safe working environment for everyone, it should also clearly define protocol in the event of an accident or emergency situation.

As Matt Gasior of Power DMS makes clear, when policies and procedures are followed, workplace accidents and incidents are less likely to occur. “This reduces liability risks for your organization and limits interruptions in operations,” he writes, “Your employees can feel safe and comfortable in the workplace, knowing that their managers and co-workers are looking out for their best interest. They can rest assured that they’ll be taken care of if something does happen.”

Company policies help to eliminate conflict.

Just like any other environment that brings various people together, your workplace is one where disagreements are bound to occur. Not everyone who works for you will share the same opinion about how things need to be done. Your company policy will work to diminish disputes by clearly outlining what is expected of its employees in every situation.

“Without a clear policy direction, employees tend to have different personal standards that can lead to conflict,” notes Neil Kokemuller on, “For example, some employees might opt to wear a suit and tie in an office setting, while others are more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. If consistency in this area is important, you should address this with a policy.”

Your policies will result in a better quality of service.

It’s important to get all members of your team on the same page. By doing so, your company should be able to provide uniform high-quality customer service no matter which of its employees is interacting with customers. One of the top reasons customers retract their support of companies is the inconsistency of customer service provided from one representative to another.

“When employees follow procedures, they perform tasks correctly and provide consistent customer service,” says Gasior, “This enhances the quality of your organization’s products and services. And, in turn, improves your company’s reputation. Employees can know they are fulfilling their roles and take pride in their work.”

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