Below our customers use their own words...

Robyn T.
— Sometimes when you are looking for the right person for a position, the answer lies within. Drawing upon Shelley's expertise, we were able to determine the needs and gaps within our organization and identify the skills and potential of our existing staff. With her breadth of experience, she was able to provide support to our managers to assist them in helping our employees fitting into and executing their new roles. Her assistance went above and beyond the role of an outside consultant, she was truly a friend and mentor helping all involved in the challenging transition process.
Lori B.
— "Working with Shelley has turned our job postings from mediocre “hit and miss” efforts into professional ads that self-screen the applicants. She has given our office manager confidence in choosing qualified candidates and has simplified the hiring process."
Corrine S.
— "After working with Shelley our turnover has reduced – a lot.  Making changes to our entire process has proven to pay off in the quality of applicants and more engaged employees.  Her knowledge base and recommendations were spot on."
Din L.
— "Shelley tuned in to our needs right from the very start, and with the use of a methodical and well thought out plan, she was able to get us the right person for the job. It saved us a ton of time and it introduced a very professional approach in our search!”