When searching for talent, it’s imperative to remember your applicants aren’t the only people who will soon be in the proverbial hot seat. The reputation of your company is at stake. As much as you’re interested in reading impressive, well-put-together resumes, your candidates are interested in discovering how reputable your organization is.

You have more than one job to do. Yes, you must recruit top talent for available job positions. But you must also highlight the greatness of your business. Doing so requires you to get in touch with applicants within the first 24 hours of their applications. The reason for this is twofold. It’s well known that those who respond quickly generally secure the talent they want, even when other employers offer fruitful opportunities. Secondly, it grows your brand’s reputation.

Keep it simple – send auto-replies.

It’s understandable if you’re unable to get back to every single job applicant within a 24 hour span. Naturally, you may be inundated with resumes the very day you publish your job posting. This means you must set aside a block of time daily to review and manage your inbox. Make things easy by generating an auto-reply that lets job seekers know their applications have been received and are either in consideration or not.

“It can be something as simple as stating, ‘Thank you for applying for X position. We received your job application and expect to have a short list within the next two weeks,’” informs Jennifer Parris on FlexJobs.com, “That way, job seekers know that…a) their application was submitted properly and received, and b) if they do not hear back from you within the time frame stated, they are probably not going to be considered for the position.”

Don’t lose out to your competition.

For the majority of job seekers, time is of the essence. As mentioned, another business may present a more lucrative offer. But if you beat them to the punch, chances are you’ll win the sweepstakes for the candidates of your choice. As Beth Kempton makes clear on Hireology.com, the quicker a company is to reply to an applicant, the more likely it will be to hire that talent.

“Let’s say a top job applicant applied to two open roles on the same day and his or her application was reviewed within 12 hours by one company, and 10 days later by your team,” she writes, “The applicant might be well into the interview process at the other company – or might even receive a job offer – by the time your team reviews the application.”

Candidates judge your every move.

When it comes to your company’s reputation, you only need one bad experience to make a large number of people think poorly of your brand. Word can spread fast. The last thing you want is an “I didn’t even hear back from these guys” post starting to gain traction on social media. A FastCompany.com article, courtesy of Glassdoor, stresses the need for recruiters to follow up with candidates right after their interviews.

“Expect candidates to leave reviews and do everything possible to ensure those reviews reflect positively on your company,” says the site, “Your interview feedback says volumes about your brand as a whole–if it’s positive, that will encourage candidates to apply and interview. If it’s negative, this serves as a red flag to potential candidates and may discourage them from applying at all.”

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