Welcome to 2018 everyone! We hope you had a sensational holiday season and that your New Year has already started with a bang. Of course, as we embark on a brand-new calendar, the Hire Value Inc. team remains committed to helping Canadian business owners find the best possible recruitment strategies that will grow their businesses with the help of incomparable new talent.

There are, of course, many elements to a strong recruitment strategy. Just one of them involves the various policies you have in place at your business location. Candidates will certainly be interested in knowing the ins and outs of your company including what is and isn’t acceptable. When it comes to the use of social media, for example, some companies choose to have a “not allowed at work” policy. Will that work for your company culture?

How important is it to have a social media policy?

Well, firstly, the answer to that will have a lot to do with whether or not your company has any social media accounts. And given the fact that it’s the year 2018, here’s hoping that your resounding response to that is “Yes! Of course, we do!” If so, you’ll know the answer to the above stated question. It’s very important to have a social media policy, especially if your company has a corporate social media presence.

What information should be included in your social media policy?

According to the Canada Business Network, your social media policy should incorporate guidelines for using different forms of social media including blogs, videos and forums. It should also include information that will help your employees protect confidential business and customer information.

Naturally, your company has specific business-related material that has no place in a public forum. To protect the privacy of both your company’s practices and its customers, it is vital that your staff members know what may or may not be shared online. Canada Business Network also notes that a social media policy should list strategies for interacting with customers and resolving issues through social media channels.

In today’s world, many customer service questions are asked and many customer service complaints are made online. It’s not just advisable, but we’d argue that it’s integral to both answer those questions and address those complaints in the same forums where they were raised. That way, you not only demonstrate to the specific question-asking or complaint-making individual that your brand is committed to customer satisfaction, you also present to the rest of the internet-using public your company’s attention to the same.

The Canada Business Network also states that your social media policy should also include “information concerning employees’ personal social media use (for example, are you comfortable with employees speaking on behalf of your business through their own personal accounts?)” and a policy on personal social media use during work hours.

How often should you update your social media policy?

“Once you have written and shared your social media policy with your employees, don’t just leave it sitting on a shelf!” advises their website, “Since the landscape of social media is always changing, it will be important to review your policy on a regular basis. An annual or semi-annual review is also a good time to revisit the policy with your employees and ask them for their feedback, questions, and recommendations.”

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