Job seekers all over Canada are increasingly finding themselves in very worried and depressed states. So many of them have done their due diligence to locate worthwhile job opportunities, compose professional resumes and complete strong job interviews – only to get nothing in return. And, by “nothing”, we don’t mean they were informed of not getting the jobs they applied for. We’re talking about not hearing a peep out of their recruiters at all!

To everyone who has experienced the above-described scenario, please know it’s not your fault. Recruitment, as we know it, is broken. Quite simply, recruiters have to do a much better job at presenting their organizations in positive lights by doing what is fair, appropriate and respectful. On, Liz Ryan minces no words when she describes the current state of recruitment.

“The recruiting process is broken from start to finish,” she lambastes, “The way companies write job ads is ridiculous, ineffective and insulting. The way they screen resumes through mechanical means by searching for keywords is downright idiotic. The way we interview people in a stiff, scripted way that sucks all the juice out of a conversation is embarrassing.”

The recruitment process needs to be repeatable.

It’s important to have a standardized process that is followed by everyone in your organization who is in charge of hiring new employees. The definition of a “good” candidate should be agreed upon across the board by all hiring managers. By not establishing specific criteria by which candidates are judged, you really don’t know who you’re looking for. Without a standardized process that can be repeated, you will not find success in finding top talent.

“A standardized repeatable hiring process is not only key to ensuring interviews are efficient, productive, and designed to recruit the best talent, they also protect a small business owner against potential litigation by following a legal hiring process,” informs Linda Childers on, “Additionally, your hiring process shouldn’t just be in your head, it should also be detailed and documented on paper.”

Search for quality over quantity.

If you’re looking to bolster your staff with as many new hires as you can find, you’ve already gotten off on the wrong foot. Going on a blind hiring spree is only bound to significantly increase your company’s turnover rates. Job seekers want good fits and recruiters should as well. This is especially true when hiring a new grad. Don’t expect executive-type performances from those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of work.

“Seeing a candidate’s work sample is a great way to test out his or her skills, and it can increase your ability to predict performance by about 40%,” says Trent Hazy on, “Try to find a way to let students show off what they can do—for example, submit a work sample with their application, highlight a neat project from a relevant class, or complete an assignment before the interview. Oftentimes, you’ll be surprised by who has the skills you’re looking for.”

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