About six years ago, I made the decision to dive head first into building my own company. Living the dream meant I could take complete control over my time and my future. Its been the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the most rewarding.

Hire Value Inc. was officially founded in October 2014. But starting up a company during an economic downturn added to how challenging it was going to be. I had more than two decades worth of experience in agency recruiting and corporate recruitment. Yet I had never run the whole show alone. I needed to take that leap of faith in myself. It was important for me to take on a challenge that was both scary and incredibly exciting at the same time.

I knew becoming a business owner meant everything I did mattered.

Therefore, if I succeeded, I could take pride in receiving 100 percent of the credit. Of course, if I failed, the blame would fall squarely on me. Now, I had no intention of failing. Also, I knew I couldn’t set up shop without a little help from my friends.

One of those friends was my business coach. At the time, he was taking advantage of the cloud-hosted phone services and blogging services of a Toronto-based company called MeloTel. One of the things my business coach always told me was “you need to constantly be putting your take on things out there”. The world of technology, website-building and content creation isn’t exactly my forte. So, I took his advice and contacted MeloTel.

I really needed to get my website built.

I knew I had to use my own money to invest in such a project, but that didn’t deter me. Without grants, investors or any surprise inheritance from a long-lost uncle, I decided to jump into the world of digital content marketing. Thanks to MeloTel, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

For the first five years of Hire Value’s existence, the MeloTel team helped to design and update my company website. Inevitably, I also took advantage of their incredible blog writer and discovered first-hand exactly what my business coach was talking about. I knew recruitment industry trends, which topics would be timely and which industry resources are credible, so partnering with a blog writer was a perfect fit. 

Consistency is everything.

The consistency I have been able to maintain, as it relates to updating my blog, has helped to grow the reach of Hire Value tremendously. I have gone to networking events outside of my industry and I have met people who have immediately said ‘Oh, I know Hire Value’. I believe this is a direct result the blogging on my website is consistent.

This is why I wanted to dedicate this week’s blog to Hire Value’s relationship with MeloTel. I also want to thank them for interviewing me last week for a blog that is now live on their website! I don’t ever have to worry about my website’s content going stale. MeloTel has made life a lot easier for me. Thank you MeloTel!

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