With the start of the spring season now less than two weeks away, there is an excitement building in the air all across the country. Not only are Canadians prepping themselves to finally enjoy warm weather again, but many sports fans are getting psyched for the start of the forthcoming Major League Baseball season. Because the Toronto Blue Jays remain the only Canadian team in the league, the team enjoys a nationwide fan base.

Now, when you ask Jays fans what their impressions are of this year’s squad, they usually respond by discussing statistics. In baseball, a player’s batting average, on base percentage and hits total are major factors in determining his overall worth to a team. The better a player’s stats, the more sought-after he is by teams all throughout the league. This laser-like focus on statistics should also be adopted in the world of employee recruitment.

66 percent of candidates believe interactions with employees are the best way to get insight about a company.

This particular statistic is delivered courtesy of Erin Engstrom on RecruiterBox.com via an infographic from OfficeVibe. It makes clear the extreme importance of focusing on boosting employee morale as a means to attract top talent. As we’ve pointed out in a number of past blogs, one of the best things you can do for your business is to ensure its current employees are happy. Word-of-mouth spreads fast. And your current staff members can make the best advertisements for your brand.

Engstrom also points out “that companies benefit from a collaborative hiring process that involves not just HR and the hiring manager, but also all of the team members who will be working with the candidate. Not without reason, your candidates believe that they’ll get a more unfiltered, holistic perspective of your company by talking with their prospective peers than just with management.”

55 percent of job seekers abandon applications after reading negative reviews online, and only 45 percent of employers monitor or address those reviews.

According to TalentNow.com, employers need to pay much closer attention to the online perceptions of their companies. Online reviews hold a lot of weight these days. For most consumers, checking the internet is a first step in the shopping process. Bad reviews, posted by actual customers, are often enough to keep shoppers away.

When it comes to your recruitment efforts, bad reviews work in much the same capacity. If you’re not monitoring and addressing what people are saying about your business online, you won’t likely be able to inhibit the dwindling of applications to your job postings.

The best candidates are off the market within 10 days.

Another stat delivered by OfficeVibe warns employers to not dilly dally when it comes to selecting new hires. Engstrom reminds us there is a lot of competition for top talent, so dragging your feet when it comes to deciding upon hiring a more-than-competent candidate isn’t a wise choice.  

“The competition for talent is so fierce that premier employer brands like Salesforce are sending candidates ‘thank you’ notes following the interview, and not the other way around,” she informs, “If qualified applicants apply to your openings right away, act fast. You don’t have the luxury of taking weeks to deliberate.”

Engstrom also reveals that 60 percent of candidates have quit an application process because it took too long. This and all other statistics simply can’t be ignored! If you’d like some expert advice on how to effectively use stats during your recruitment process, contact Hire Value Inc. today!