You’re looking to bolster your staff with new talent. What’s the best route to take to find these talented individuals? Some employers believe that hiring in-house is the best way to go. After all, who would know how to help your company prosper better than those who already work for it? By moving someone within your company up to a higher position, you not only guarantee yourself a knowledgeable acquisition but you showcase your company as one that offers growth opportunities to its employees.

Then again, there are employers who side on the “let the experts handle this” train of thought. Recruitment takes a lot of time and effort. Outsourcing your recruitment efforts provides you with a professional and specialized approach to locating new talent. It also enables you to open your business up to a much larger talent pool. Isn’t the overall objective of your recruitment efforts to find the best person for the job anyway?

What makes internal recruitment the better choice?

If your forthcoming project requires a familiarity with your company’s policies, brand messaging and overall mission statement, hiring from within may be your best bet. In addition, having knowledgeable staff members who have already developed some rapport with each other may lead to a much more efficient method of completing a project. This is pointed out by former NBA player and Wakanow Founder and CEO, Obinna Ekezie on

“Face-to-face conversations can offer more engagement between employees on the same project, which may help propel progress,” he writes, “These in-person discussions can help create new energy, which sometimes leads to bigger ideas.” Ekezie also highlights the benefits of offering current employees opportunities for growth. By hiring in-house, you provide greater incentives for employees to stay loyal, remain with the company and personally invest in its growth.

What makes outsourcing the best recruitment choice?

Penny O’Reilly, who is the Managing Director & Country General Manager of Kelly Services in Australia, is one of those professionals who is in favour of outsourcing a company’s recruitment efforts. She notes that recruitment is a specialist expertise that requires focus and time. And just because you’re the leader of your company, it doesn’t mean you’re a great recruiter.

“This is a mistake many leaders make,” O’Reilly contends, “They believe they can manage their own recruitment process but inevitably end up losing focus on the recruitment process as operational priorities dominate their daily activity. As a result, they either miss out on great candidates because they are too slow to respond or on the flip side they rush through the process and end up employing the best person ON the market rather than the best person IN the market.”

There are pros and cons to both recruitment options.

It really comes down to determining which of the two methods would make the most sense for your business and its immediate needs. Ekezie admits in-house hiring can make it tougher to find quality talent, especially in smaller cities. Meanwhile, O’Reilly confesses that “in-house teams commonly work well in situations where highly specialized and unique skill sets are required.”

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