In 2019, the podcast has taken over the traditional radio talk show as a top source of news, current event information and entertainment. Gone are the days when you needed to tune into an AM radio station in order to hear talk radio. Podcasts, which are essentially talk radio programs made for the internet, are all the rage.

One of the top benefits of podcasts for listeners is they can be streamed whenever it is convenient to listen. Unlike talk radio shows, podcasts are on-demand listening experiences. And there is no shortage of podcasts to listen to. Everyone from Joe Rogan (of “Fear Factor”, UFC and stand-up comedy fame) to Joe Budden (former hip-hop artist turned broadcaster) seems to have a very popular podcast.

Podcasts are incredibly relevant today because of their ability to provide easily-accessible valuable information. As mentioned, not all podcasts are created for entertainment purposes only. As a business owner, you’ll be happy to know there are numerous HR-based podcasts online, created for the purpose of assisting you with your recruitment efforts. The following are some highly-touted recommendations.

Hiring On All Cylinders

Hiring On All Cylinders is widely regarded as a top-of-the-list HR-based podcast. Its strength comes from having a variety of recruitment professionals joining the conversation on a weekly basis. All episodes provide fresh perspectives about hiring from different industry experts who, as put by Aley Brown of CareerMinds, “are on the front lines filling their organizations with top talent.”

 Monster Hiring Podcast is well known as a global employment website. Both employers and job seekers alike often utilize Monster to fulfill their desired career-based requirements. But did you know that Monster hosts a podcast of its own? Available on iTunes, “The Monster Hiring podcast from features expert advice on how to hire, manage, lead and motivate you — and keep yourself motivated,” explains Kristina Martic of TalentLyft.

 HR Happy Hour

As Brown informs, HR Happy Hour is a leader among all podcasts. It is the longest running and most downloaded HR podcast out there. Hosted by Steve Boese, who is the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, HR Happy Hour focuses on human resources, management, leadership, and workforce technology.

Recruiting Future

Recruiting Future is dedicated to innovation and futurology in recruitment and HR, notes Martic. Each week, host Matt Alder interviews thought leaders and practitioners who are influencing and changing an industry. In its most recent episode, Alder dedicates a lot of time to talking about technology-driven change and the role process innovation is playing in the evolution of recruiting.


The team at TalentCulture offer a weekly podcast-slash-Twitter chat cleverly titled #WorkTrends. Using the hashtag symbol as part of the title has helped the show pick up a lot of traction on social media. Hosted by Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman, the podcast features weekly interviews that, according to their website, give you all the news you need to stay current from leading experts, HR tech vendors and HR practitioners.

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