Welcome to the first Hire Value Inc. blog post of 2019! On behalf of our entire team, we’d like to wish you a very happy new year in hopes that this one is your best yet. Of course, we’d also like to communicate that our team is dedicated to doing its part in helping your business succeed in 2019.

Our recruitment expertise has helped many a Canadian business to thrive with the addition of vibrant and talented new team members who were a great fit for their companies. However, achieving true excellence in the world of recruiting top talents begins with the employees you already have working for you. In 2019, it will remain essential to be attentive to their needs.

Mental health is no laughing matter.

Everyone gets sick. We’ve all experienced coughs and colds from time to time, at the very least. Therefore, it can be safely stated we are all susceptible to physical illness. Mental illness, however, seems to have an unfair social stigma attached to it. It often conjures up such descriptions as “crazy” and “nuts” when the truth is we have all had some tough emotional times in our lives. As a result, it’s just as safe to say we are susceptible to mental health issues.

But what to do if you find a mental health issue is impacting workers at your workplace? According to the Government of Canada website, mental health is an issue that impacts every workplace in Canada. The workplace itself can contribute to a person’s positive or negative mental state.

As an employer, it’s imperative you take measures to facilitate a healthy and safe workplace, insists Canada.ca. “Building a supportive work environment that promotes mental well-being has benefits for everyone and keeps your workforce strong and competitive,” states the site, which goes on to list several practices business owners should undertake.

What can employers do to support mental well-being?

As we’ve often championed, employee interaction is a key ingredient to a happy working environment. This is why it’s so important for you to strongly consider a new hire’s ability to mesh within your company’s culture before making your hiring decision. In addition, it’s important to clearly define the duties and responsibilities of each of your employees. Avoiding confusion about the roles of your workers will help to minimize stress.

Canada.ca also advocates work-life balance. We all get burnt out from time to time. Doing your best to ensure your employees have reasonable work loads and flexibility to attend to what may be happening in their home life. Of course, not everything can go perfectly all the time. The website recommends that you have conflict resolution practices in place so you can keep negative interactions in check.

What does a mentally healthy workplace look like?

“Imagine working in a highly productive environment in which you feel safe, respected and valued,” offers the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, “the work is challenging; the demands of the job are reasonable; you have work-life balance; and your employer supports your involvement in your work and interpersonal growth and development. This is what is known as a mentally healthy workplace.”

Simply put: Pay people well. Treat people well. Train people well.

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