Job seekers are regularly faced with the task of sifting through seemingly countless job postings. After a while, many of them end up reading the same. It can often be hard to distinguish one job posting from the other as several contain the same old catch phrase-like terms like “self starter”, “team player” and “multi-tasker”. As we’ve admitted in the past, these buzzwords drive us crazy. And, to be perfectly honestly, they drive talented career hunters crazy too!

On a grand scale, not a whole lot has changed in the world of job postings for quite some time. Most new job postings appear to be recycled versions of older postings. It appears those in charge of composing job postings don’t always put a ton of effort into what they’re trying to convey. Don’t allow your business to get lost in the job posting shuffle by not having its job postings stand out from all the rest.

Showcase your company’s culture.

It is commonplace for job postings to list various duties and responsibilities and outline what is expected from candidates who apply for the positions. But what can your potential candidates expect from you? Remember your job is to present your company in an inviting light. You’re looking to attract top talent, right? Highlight the various attributes of your company’s culture that make it a beneficial and rewarding place for people to work.

On, Brennan White explains this is especially important if you’re targeting millennials. “You need to give the reader a genuine sense of your culture,” he insists, “Culture is paramount to the younger generation. When showcasing culture, show, don’t tell. Avoid saying things like ‘We have a great culture’ when you can communicate this more effectively through your writing, style, humour and tone.”

Paint a positive picture of the future.

Many job seekers are actually on the hunt for more than just jobs. They want careers. That means they’re in the market for companies offering job security, opportunities for career advancement and atmospheres that breed loyalty. In your job posting, highlight the fact that your company is keen on employee development and great work will be rewarded.

“When writing your job post, include your future plans for the position in the description,” encourages James Story on, “You’ll find yourself attracting more qualified applicants if you show that you’re investing in additional resources and have specific targets to hit. Job seekers want to know that they’ll be valued in their next position, so show them your vacancy is the chance for long-term career development and success.”

Trim the fat.

Keep things concise. After all, you want to save some things for the interview. While it’s important to list all of the pertinent details about the position you have available, you don’t want to inundate your readers with too much information. Stick to the point in your job posting and it will keep the attention of those who read it.

“Pick out the top five to seven duties and list those, preferably in a bullet point or numbered format,” advises Rachel Jay on, “Perhaps add a one- or two-sentence description of each of these points. Also be sure to clearly list what your top requirements are for the position. Save the super detailed, day-to-day description of the job duties for the interview.”

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