Here’s a challenge for you. Ask around and see if you’re able to locate just one person who doesn’t have a single social media account. We’re willing to bet you will either find no one or the odd person who doesn’t require social media to forward his/her career. In today’s world, social media can provide the chief means of locating employment.

Yes, we’re very aware the Instagrams, Facebooks and Twitters of the world are widely used for entertainment purposes, keeping in touch with friends and viewing videos. However, these incredibly popular platforms are also utilized by businesses from all over Canada to attract new talent.

Why is social media such an important part of establishing your employer brand?

Social media are widely used as a job-seeking tool.

Gone are the days when classified ads in the newspaper were the go-to sources for job seekers. Today, the internet is the place to be. Savvy candidates don’t just look for job postings, they also seek out online company reviews. It’s important for most people to know what others think of the companies they’re considering applying to. With a strong social media presence, your business will be a lot more likely to hear from talented people looking for new career opportunities.

“While social media marketing stands out in the digital world for many reasons, it’s especially essential for hiring,” affirms Shawna Stewart on, “Today, 86% of all job applicants are using social media for their job searches and participating actively on the platforms they’re using is one of the best ways for would-be employers to ensure they’re speaking directly to their audience.”

Social media make it easy to showcase your company culture.

Instagram, which was specially designed to host photo and video content, is highly popular. By sharing visual content on this and other platforms, you’ll be able to showcase clear examples of why it’s so great to work for your business. Photos that display your employees of the month and videos that demonstrate excellent team work are just two examples of how the content you share on social media can help to attract job seekers.

“Social media makes it easy to be visual with your storytelling,” explains Anja Zojceska on, “People want to be able to envision themselves working for companies. A great way to enable them to do it is by using photos and videos across all your social media platforms. Make sure that all the visuals you share are consistent with your brand colours.”

Social media help to grow current employee confidence.

The importance of company culture cannot be underestimated. How your current employees feel about working for your business makes all the difference in the world when it comes time to look for new recruits. With your social media feeds containing ample posts of current employees who are happy and motivated to represent your brand, your social media followers will grow their interest in wanting to be part of your organization.

“Not only is social media a great way to connect with would-be employees, it’s also (when used correctly) an excellent way to promote confidence within your employee base,” notes Stewart, “After all, 59% of employees say they selected their current workplace at least in part because of that workplace’s social media presence.”

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