What exactly is your employer brand? Establishing your business as a well-respected entity within its industry has many benefits. You not only attract customers; it is part of how you can gain interest from talented job seekers. 

To put it as plainly as possible, your employer brand is your reputation. Naturally, there are things that can hurt it, so it’s wise to be regularly mindful of the ways in which you can improve it. A strong employer brand is achieved if it is managed well. WestJet is known for its well-managed brand. While it is commonly understood that the airline’s pay rates are low, the company continues to attract top talent through their ability to showcase a strong company culture.

What can you do to take command and improve your employer brand?

Stay on top of what your competition is up to.

As a recruiter, you’re constantly engaged in a contest. You’re battling other companies for the attention of top-tier skill your hiring managers are needing. So, in order to promote a strong employer brand, it’s wise to do your research, know who your talent competitors are and learn what they are doing well. According to Mariya Finkelshteyn of Sapling, improving your employer brand requires some investigating.

“Just as any marketing campaign would start out, a good research period will evaluate what your closest employer competitors are doing,” she writes, “This effort can point out gaps in your employer brand, what other companies are doing with onboarding new hires, all the way to what employees say once they leave. Read company reviews, career sites, job postings, and social networks for an overview of your competition.”

Manage your social media presence.

In the year 2020, social media popularity will reach all new heights. We imagine this to be a fair statement considering how much social media popularity has steadily risen over the past decade. Today, a company practically doesn’t exist without regular updates to its social media accounts. Be sure to utilize yours to feature your company culture. There’s arguably no better way to get the word out.

“Posting employee testimonials, footage of team building exercises and CSR initiatives, or simply showcasing staff accomplishments in any small way tells potential candidates that you’re an employer who recognizes and values its employees,” notes Workopolis, “If you want to take things a step further, you can even create a dedicated social media channel for job postings, as some major brands have done.”

Highlight the success stories of your employees.

A strong employer brand and happy employees go hand in hand. In fact, there is no better telltale sign of a strong employer brand than employees who love working. It’s that simple. Make your team members feel valued and respected and word will spread about how great it is to work for your company. One way to show that you value and respect your team is to share stories about their successes.

“Perhaps one of your best resources for building a great employer brand comes from your employees themselves,” affirms Finkelshteyn, “Learn about the success stories of your workforce and be sure to share this on every channel you can. People are most apt to apply for a job with a company that shares real stories of employees.”

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