Most Canadian businesses have endured, at some point or the other, instances when their employees were fleeing at alarming rates. What exactly causes staff members to wish to leave the companies they work for? Some business owners assume quitters are people who simply can’t handle the rigours of their jobs. However, in many cases, a depleting staff is actually indicative of subpar hiring practices.

The first step to ensuring your staff is not comprised of individuals who are on the cusp of seeking out other employment is to hire the right fits for your company to begin with. It’s important to keep in mind, when going through the hiring process, you’re not just looking for talented individuals who are competent and capable of handling the job positions you’re offering. You’re looking for people who will mesh nicely within your working environment.

“The best way to ensure employees don’t leave you is to make sure you are hiring the right employees to begin with,” insists Darcy Jacobsen on, “Define the role clearly—both to yourself and to the candidates. And then be absolutely sure the candidate is a fit not only for it, but for your company culture.”

How can you ensure you’re finding the right fit to add to your staff?

During your job interviews, be sure to include questions that will unveil important aspects of the personalities of your candidates. You’re looking to learn about a job seeker’s immediate aspirations, long-term career goals and overall enthusiasm for work just as much as you’d like to know about his or her skills and experience. On, human resources expert, Susan M. Heathfield offers some advice on how to go about locating appropriate fits for your business in order to reduce employee turnover.

“Select the right people in the first place through behaviour-based testing and competency screening,” she advises, “Sure, an onsite interview gives you a feel for whether the person can fit within your culture, but your key to selecting the best employees is to determine how well they can do the job. The right person, in the right seat, on the right bus is the starting point.”

It may be important to nip problems in the bud.

Do you have current members of your staff who aren’t meshing particularly well within your company culture? In some cases, you may have to let certain individuals go in order to prevent talented staff members from choosing to leave. We’ve probably all experienced being part of work forces that have “bad apples”. And you know what they say about bad apples – they spoil the bunch.

“No matter how effective (an employee) might be at their actual work, an employee who is a bad fit is bad for your culture, and that creates ‘culture debt,’” says Jacobsen, “They will do more damage than good by poisoning the well of your company. Cut them loose.”

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