The first quarter of the year, known simply as Q1, represents the months when top talent most often looks for new jobs. It is considered the time of year that sparks a “hot candidate” market. To take advantage of this, you need to advertise your company in such a way that it successfully attracts the right candidates.

Here are five steps that will help you:

1. Focus your energies on writing an ad over a job description.

Many recruiters get sidetracked with listing the mundane details of the positions when writing their job postings. Instead of getting overly descriptive about the job, focus on describing the company and the type of individual that would be best suited to join the organization. According to Minda Zetlin on, “that means your job ad should probably skip a lot of detail about who reports to whom, and include some sense of your company’s culture and mission, the benefits you offer, and why it’s a great place to work.”

2. Advertise job titles that job hunters are searching for.

It’s important to remember that your job posting is an advertisement for a special position in your company. The job title should sound special. Furthermore, it should include terms that top candidates are most likely to plug into their online job searches. “Here’s a little secret,” shares Zetlin, “The title you put in your ad doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the title a new hire will actually have.”

3. Include specific instructions in your job postings.

World renowned rock group, Van Halen rose to fame in the 1970s and is best known for hit singles like 1984’s “Jump”. The band is also famously known for their “Brown M&M’s” clause that was found in their rider (a list of requirements for each concert given to event promoters). The clause stipulated that a bowl of M&M’s be placed in the band’s dressing room with all of the brown ones removed.

While many assumed that this was a pretentious attempt to take advantage of their fame and success, the group insisted that the clause was all about ensuring a promoter’s attention to detail. If the M&M bowl met specifications, the band rested assure that their important requirements were also being met. If brown M&M’s appeared in the bowl, the band insisted on a thorough inspection of all equipment and set up requirements before playing the show.

Asking your job hunters to be just as detailed-oriented can help you zone in on the most worthy of candidates for the positions you wish to fill. “Another way to lessen your workload–especially if you’re looking for a detail-oriented candidate–is to include a very specific instruction somewhere in the middle of the copy,” offers Zetlin, “For instance, write that you will only look at the application if the email contains a particular word or phrase in its subject line.”

4. Keep your interviews job-focused.

The most serious of candidates are interested in the specific requirements of the job, salary and the possibility of advancement in the company. The strongest of candidates will also want to focus on their academic backgrounds and experience and relate them to how they will benefit the company. Silly questions such as “What animal best describes your personality?” can turn talented candidates off. Even if they’re good fits, they may lose interest in accepting the position.

5. Sell your company as a great place to work.

There is no way for candidates to know what it is like to work for you. An honest reflection of why someone would want to work here is the best approach. Keeping in mind that your job posting is an advertisement for your brand, you want to do more than highlight a candidate’s duties and tasks.

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