It’s that time of year. We’re creeping up on the end of another school year and, for many students, the end of their academic careers are drawing near. That means that they’ll be looking to launch their new lives in the world of work. And, if your company has career opportunities that are ideal for members of our younger generation, you’ll want to ensure that your company is attracting the best talent they have.

But how do you go about reaching the most talented job-hunting students? How can you ensure your company gets noticed by the new grad crew? And what if you have a reduced campus recruitment budget? How will you be able to successfully get the attention of the young job applicants you’re looking for?

Consider these four cost-effective methods:

1. Engage your alumni and go local.

Which current members of your staff attended the colleges and universities that are in close proximity to your place of business? It would be wise to encourage alumni to reach out to the key academic departments and career centres of the schools you’re interested in targeting.

Engaging students in different clubs will also help to endear them to your brand. If you can get former students to inform current students of your company’s new job openings, it will help to build trust between the soon-to-be graduates and your business.

2. Take advantage of social media.

One thing is for sure. Millennials are all over social media! Engaging with them using the Facebooks, Instagrams, Linked Ins and Twitters of the world will go a long way in bringing attention to your company within the world of post-secondary students.

On, Dr. John Sullivan suggests that you get your employees to help with this cause. “Start by encouraging your employees to include in their profiles compelling facts and stories about the firm,” he advises, “Next, encourage them to proactively make group connections and to provide you with names of potential recruits.”

3. FaceTime your short list.

To branch off of that last point, it’s important to utilize the technologies that are all abuzz with the student population. FaceTime, which allows iPhone users to have phone conversations that include live video feeds of the people they’re speaking to, is a very popular way for young people to communicate.

It will not only demonstrate your up-with-the-times, forward-thinking approach to screening your job applicants, but it will also help you to develop a better rapport with your candidates. The next-best-thing to a face-to-face meeting is one done over the phone via FaceTime. Facial expressions, in addition to tone and inflection, during a conversation can go a long way in helping you determine the right fit for your business.

4. Be wary of placing too much emphasis on high academic scores.

Naturally, you’ll want “brainiacs” to join your organization. But, just because someone is smart doesn’t mean that he/she would make the right fit for your working environment. Be careful not to allow one’s academic record to make you feel like you know the whole story.

A good student doesn’t necessarily make a perfect fit within the culture of your company. Be sure to take a well-rounded approach to selection, including all aspects of the student to match your company culture.

Making use of smart recruitment strategies is necessary in order to find job candidates who are the right fits for your company. Hire Value Inc. is here to help you with them! Give us a call at 403-978-3827 today!