So, you’re on the hunt for new fresh thinkers, are you? The only thing is, you don’t just want anyone working for your business; you’re in the market for talented, hard-working and dedicated employees. The key to securing top talent is putting in the effort to make your organization attractive. You can’t just expect people to start lining up outside your place of business, all with the intentions of impressing you.

What are you doing to ensure your business is impressive? A sound recruitment strategy will highlight the reasons why someone would leave where they are working right now to join your organization.  

Here are three recruitment strategies to move your organization in front of top performers:

1. Offer an impressive employee benefit program.

Why do people want to work? Is it really just to pay the bills? If so, those aren’t the individuals who will necessarily help to improve your company culture and grow its success. In addition to competitive salaries, job seekers look for a strong work/life balance, opportunities for growth within their companies and benefit programs that take into consideration; your real life.

“Employees consider an employee benefit program a necessity, not a perk, and positions that offer benefits will always trump those that have none,” Susan Ward notes on, “On top of that, if you’re going to attract high quality staff, your company needs to offer high quality benefits – and that means offering employees at least life, medical and dental coverage. If your small business does not have an employee benefits program, talk to your insurance company about setting one up.”

2. Treat candidates the same way you treat customers.

In 2019, speed is the new currency. Technology gives us immediate access to just about everything we could be interested in. These days, watching a new movie or listening to a new song is as easy as pressing a few icons on your smartphone. Thank you Netflix and Spotify! When it comes to job seekers, there is disdain for waiting or never getting a response. Respond to emails from job seekers, book those interviews and make those call backs!

“Treat your recruitment strategy like you do your marketing and sales funnel,” encourages Kate McMillen, who is the Manager of Talent Acquisition & Programs at Infusionsoft on, “If you receive a high-quality lead, would you wait 3 days to call that lead? Then don’t do that to a high-quality candidate. You should move heaven and earth to accommodate that candidate, impress them and treat them to a great hiring experience.”

3. Highlight employment at your company as a lifestyle upgrade.

How awesome is your place of work? Is it located in a “happening” part of town? Do the offices offer amazing views of the city? Do you have sit/stand desks? Is the commute easy? These may seem like frills at first glance, but in many cases, they can be clinchers for talented individuals who are deciding between two or more job offers.

“Many employees are just as concerned about the quality of life a position offers as they are about the amount of money it will bring in,” informs Ward, “If you’re fortunate enough to be located in an area with great skiing, beaches, extensive hiking/biking trails, excellent golf courses or other attractive features be sure to play them up when you’re trying to attract potential employees.”

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