As a hiring manager, you have been given the tough task of filling important roles in your company with the best possible candidates out there. As mentioned, that’s no easy feat as there are likely to be numerous worthy job seekers who can flourish in the positions. The key to recruiting the best possible talent for your available jobs is found not in simply locating top talent, but in locating the perfect fits for your company culture.

This will involve some clever vetting. And, quite frankly, the best way to vet your candidates is to ask excellent interview questions. For example, “Tell me when you were LOVING your job and simply couldn’t wait to get to work.” This request calls upon your interviewees to detail their devotions to their jobs. The answers you receive should uncover some of their personal characteristics, main interests and goals as well as provide descriptions of their professional prowess.

Here are three more of the best job interview questions you could ever ask:

1. “Pitch our company to me as if I were buying our product or service.”

It’s important for job seekers to do their research about the companies they apply to. In our blog entitled “The Importance Of Researching A Company Before You Apply”, we explain how a customized cover letter and job interview preparedness are keys to helping candidates land the jobs of their dreams. By asking your interviewees to sell you on your own company, you’ll be able to clearly discern whether or not they have done their research.

“This is a unique and more challenging approach to the generic ‘What does our company do?’ question,” explains Lindsay Kolowich on, “It forces candidates to not only drum up the research they’ve done to prepare for the interview, but also show they can use this research to craft a persuasive message that would be valuable in a business situation.”

2. “What makes you happiest and most effective when working with others?”

Did we mention the importance of company culture yet? It cannot be reiterated enough that hiring candidates that are able to work well with the set of employees you already have is of paramount importance to maintaining and growing your company’s success. You need to find the right fit – and doing so means bolstering your team with true team players.

The above question helps you to determine just how much of a team player you are interviewing. According to, “you want to use their answers to measure EQ and ability to empathize. Are they able to acknowledge and understand the experiences of those around them?” 

3. “Can you tell me about a time in your career when you wanted something so badly, you were unstoppable in pursuing it?”

It’s all about dedication. Just how dedicated is your candidate to being successful? You want go-getters on your squad. People who are relentless at pursuing their own personal and professional goals are the types to give their specific job positions their all. By asking this question, you’ll be able to unveil your candidate’s tenacity, verve and overall eagerness to succeed.

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