So your business is up and running. Firstly, congratulations! Getting a company off the ground is no small feat. Secondly, you’re likely aware the hard work is only about to begin. Naturally, in order to operate your business, you’ll need a staff comprised of talented, hard-working individuals who will (hopefully) share your passion in making your brand a leader in its industry.

Where do you start in building your team? The first thing to consider is the type of working environment you want existing within the walls of your place of business. Locating individuals who mesh well within your company’s culture is of primary importance. That brings us to the first important thing you must consider when you’re ready to build your team.

1. Define your company culture.

It’s important to create a vision for your brand. On her website, business strategist Whitney English encourages entrepreneurs to act as if they’re writing a diary entry when coming up with a vision for their brands. Instead of over-thinking things, simply ask yourself where you’d like to see your company in the next year. Seek out people who you believe will make your vision become a reality.

“What sort of culture do you want to cultivate at your company?” Whitney asks, “Go back to your vision, and outline the team culture that would best contribute to that vision. Imagine your office environment, imagine interactions between team members, imagine what your employees would say about you (and your business) in a review.”

2. Clearly define the roles.

There are few things career hunters find more frustrating than vague job descriptions. It’s imperative you clearly state all of the necessary requirements of the roles you have available. Devise a list of specific duties and make evident your expectations of those who may assume the roles you have available.

“Everyone needs to know their job – what’s expected of them and what’s not,” insists, “If you don’t make this clear, the morale of your employees will suffer, and progress and efficiency will be affected. For example, if one person is waiting for another to finish a task, but the other person doesn’t believe that task is part of their job description, progress will grind to a halt. So be sure to update roles and task lists frequently.”

3. Hire people who are smarter than you.

You can’t be expected to do everything yourself – nor should you. Obviously, there are various tasks requiring completion each day which is why you’re hiring other talents to begin with. But don’t be intimidated by those who have skills you don’t. In contrast, you should embrace such individuals. Look for candidates who can wow you with their abilities knowing without them, you’d be unable to handle particular facets of your business.

“Your time is better spent running and growing your company, and focusing on exactly those tasks that you do best,” Whitney reminds us, “Now is not the time to feel threatened by someone who may be smarter or cleverer or more educated than you—in fact, you are looking for the people who do the jobs you can’t do (or don’t want to do) much, much better than you.”

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