Perfect job posting – CHECK

Phone pre-screens – CHECK

Standardized Interviews – CHECK

References & due diligence – CHECK

Offer extended – CHECK

Only…your ideal candidate has turned the job down. What gives? After all, your candidate applied for the job, showed up early for the interview, was dressed appropriately, was well prepared to answer questions, was friendly, eloquent and seemed excited about the opportunity and even expressed genuine interest in hearing back from you. You were kind enough to make the candidate an offer…so what went wrong?

Going through the hiring process only to have your job offers turned down is both time and money wasting – not to mention, frustrating. So what can you do, going forward, to reduce your declined offers? Here are three suggestions that we have found to be very effective:

1. Ask “housekeeping questions” during your telephone pre-screens.

As mentioned earlier, telephone interviews conducted prior to face-to-face interviews are important. They help to give you a good feel for whether or not a candidate would be a good fit within your company’s culture. During the telephone pre-screens, however, it’s wise to ask a few important pre-qualifiers.

These questions should help you to discover such things as the job candidate’s living location in proximity to your workplace, his/her availability to meet the required work hours that come with the job, whether or not he/she has other commitments or other job interviews lined up, his/her salary expectations, his/her career goals and the reasons he/she is looking to change jobs.

2. Don’t make any assumptions.

Assuming just about anything about your job candidate is a pretty good way to get the wrong impression. Anything that you may not have covered during your phone interview should be addressed during your in-person interview.

What assumptions are detrimental to your hiring process? Here’s just a few: assuming your offer is the only offer your candidates have received, assuming the salary you offered is adequate, assuming the location of your office is ideal, assuming the job candidates liked you, assuming your candidate is agreeable with the duties of their proposed role, assuming they are ready to start the job immediately, assuming they don’t have any upcoming pre-paid vacations planned and assuming they are desperate to find a job.

3. Protect the time you have set aside for a face-to-face interview.

Your job candidate (read: guest) deserves your undivided attention and respect. Remember that you invited the candidate in to your office for an interview. It is expected that you have the time to speak one-on-one without interruption.

If you get caught up with checking your phone, even worse, texting during the interview and/or leaving the room for moments at a time, you won’t exactly be making the best impression on your potential new hire.

Set aside time for the candidate to ask questions. The best indicator of someone’s interest in your job is the questions they ask – and more importantly, what they didn’t ask.

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